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31% 683 votes
69% 1499 votes
2182 personnes ont voté
Yes, that's a great idea 1011 votes

Yes, that's a great idea
It would depend on the type of food or drinks offered 566 votes

It would depend on the type of food or drinks offered
My supermarket already offers this 106 votes

My supermarket already offers this
No, I don't think that's hygienic or convenient 334 votes

No, I don't think that's hygienic or convenient
I don't know 152 votes

I don't know
Other opinion - please comment 13 votes

Other opinion - please comment
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  Fantastic idea, I would do it


  Wouldn't use it. It's not convenient to carry containers, especially on foot. The hygiene issue. It would have to be significantly cheaper than pre packed for me to even consider it.


  I voted Yes, but I just wanted to add a little more. I sought out a shop that actually does this. It's not a big supermarket, but a locally owned store that does it specifically for bulk buying purposes. I personally go there for environmental reasons.


  i can remember years ago we had such shops, where you could fill up your laundry type products


  Supermarkets could have staff positioned at these Self Serve sections to supervise customers and apply a Seal to their containers with the Price on them. Though, technically not allowed, my local large Supermarket already allows me to use my own containers - and No I do not cheat!


  The biggest concern I have with something like this is the way it's open for abuse. When working at a supermarket where people could help themselves to their own lollies, the amount of people we caught stealing, feeding themselves on the floor. And a number of parents will grab something for their kids to eat. They ask when caught, "It's just [whatever], what's the harm?" Well, it's not just one person who does it, it's many, stock loss like this has to be recouped and so prices go up. It creates more expense in the end.


  There is already a store in SE Queensland that does this its called Naked Foods Organic and Health foods its in Robina.

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