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30% 307 votes
70% 703 votes
1010 personnes ont voté
Yes 340 votes

No 264 votes

This does not concern me 362 votes

This does not concern me
Other - create a topic or leave a comment below 44 votes

Other - create a topic or leave a comment below
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  If it were made possible for mother’s to work from home, that way they have more time to spend with their children; however, when it come to the essential workers, they do not have that choice…


  In some jobs, it is essential that an employer be able to contact an employee after hours and there should be exceptions in the laws for that. It should also be stated when a person is applying for a job that there may be times they will be contacted after hours. Both my husband and I had such jobs. Thankfully it wasn't usually abused by our employers.


  It should be illegal. My mother used to get phone calls all the time from her employer, a nearby school district. Mostly they happened during personal times like the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. That was before email and she was forced to answer those calls. Many times Holiday meals turned out badly because of it.


  Of course! In fact, I was on-call as part of my job in IT, so I was frequently called or paged about work issues during off hours. We also had to work nights and weekends, in addition to our regular hours. So we of course had communication from work during off-hours. I'm not sure how they would enforce this law. If they are talking about email communication, someone should be able to email you at any time, but that doesn't mean you need to respond to it outside of your normal work hours.

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