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de États-Unis d'Amérique
I’m a homemaker, wife and lifelong Southerner. An avid reader, I especially enjoy historical Christian fiction and mysteries. My mom gave me a love of history and a great start on researching my family genealogy. I love visiting historical sites and keeping abreast of history in the making. God has blessed our nation with a diversity of majestic mountains and canyons, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and oceans, lush green forests and southwestern deserts and I enjoy visiting these areas and hope to travel more in the future. My faith in Christ is my passion and I daily seek to serve him more faithfully. Though I often fall short, I am eternally grateful for his forgiveness and love. God loves each of us and he’ll never give up on you wherever you are in your life if you’ll just open your heart to him. I pray for God’s blessings for each of you.


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Hi Peggy...Happy Wednesday:) il y a 12 heures


I had no idea I was chosen for a CCM for Nov/Dec. Thanks for letting me know. Things have been quite hectic for me since before Thanksgiving. My husband had a very bad Parkinson's attack and basically lost his mobility except for occasional spurts of movement, speech for the most part, and most of his memory. He was in the hospital, then rehab (that was a nightmare place) and now I have him in a Memory Care Assisted Living Home which is very expensive. I cannot afford to hire 24 hour help here at home and couldn't handle him alone. Here in Fort Myers, FL, we do have to worry a lot about Covid. And, now considering the Assisted Living place, I worry even more about Covid! My sister in York, SC did get some snow and ice and their weather is still very chilly. Even the weather here in FL has been chilly. Thanks for your note to me and for caring! Keep Safe and Warm! il y a 21 heures


Hi Peggy...Happy Tuesday:) il y a 1 jour


I liked your comment on my poll about "Southern expressions". What part of the South have you lived in? I think some of these expressions might be from Texas. Interesting comments people are making about the end of the CCM program. Very weird points awarded (2700), but I guess we should be happy we got some points at all? I guess we will need to concentrate on surveys from now on. il y a 1 jour


So that's where the snow went! It was snowing pretty good here, but just got a little more than a dusting, and it was over. It has been cold though, some single digit over nights. Congrats to you, too. for CCM. Stinks that it's over. I guess the only way to get points is taking surveys that I cannot seem to qualify for.. I was knocked out of 35 in a row. I completed the 36th one, and am now waiting to qualify again. I hope whatever they are working on is worthwhile. Have a good week and keep warm. God bless you, Peggy! il y a 1 jour


A voté sur le top ou flop : Do you believe women should have a right to... il y a 2 jours


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