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bricky 6

  Il y a 94 mois

my computer has got very slow can any bodyhelp

it is very annoying sometimes it takes 5 to 10 mins to change a page and crashes


  Il y a 94 mois
I am not very good on computers but I am sure someone on here will have some good advice for you
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  Il y a 94 mois
You run a security scan lately as it might be infected.
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  Il y a 94 mois
sounds like you need to do a disk clean up ,or defrag,or maybe just clean up your cookies,if you dont know how just leave me a message
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  Il y a 94 mois
mine is the same have you tried disk clean up and defragmenting if not let me know and i can message you how to do them
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  Il y a 94 mois
just go and see if someone can fit it for you, you keeing with it it will go on you, have had this myself, it maybe better if you got new one
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  Il y a 94 mois
hi download freeware software called ccleaner and malwarebytes.
Run ccleaner first and let it clear out all the uneeded Cache and cookies, temp net files etc, then after thats done , run malware bytes if it finds anything it will clean them out, finally run a disk cleanup and disk defragment from system tools on the accesories tab. P.s the more memory u have the better
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  Il y a 94 mois
i would re-configure my pc as that is the only thing i know what to do myself when concerned with pc,s. or i would ask a friend to look at it for me.
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  Il y a 94 mois
kick it, no only joking, do you have all the security stuff on it and what do you have on the hard-drive that you dont use etc?
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  Il y a 94 mois
you need to clean the computer up. i.e backup files and restore back to factory settiengs or trry defrag the hard drive
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  Il y a 94 mois
Have you tried deleting your cookies etc, just go to tools under your internet and click on internet options and delete files and cookies this way, and I would ensure you get rid of any unwanted programmes, files and folders off your pc with your add and remove programmes. Hope this help a bit
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