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Il y a 63 mois

Herbal DOG medication for anxious / nervous / neurotic / hyper-active / highly strung JACK RUSSELL - Your thoughts, opinions and experience please...


What are your thoughts, opinions and experiences of herbal dog medication? The ones I have in mind are a natural formula containing: velerian, chamomile, ginger, skullcap, hops, and gentian. they are a one-a day tablet designed to alleviate stress, anxiety, neurotic, hyper active highly strung symptoms. My mums youngest Jack Russell - Troy - 2 years old - has all of these symptoms bless him - and this sometimes leads to such jealousy over the other two that a fight ensues. This often becomes out of hand and they have to be split up.

Well, I was discussing these tablets with my mum and sugested that these tablets may help him to be more chilled and balanced - thus more content and happy - and the fights should reduce or stop.

What are your thoughts of such medication for animals? do you see it as a good thing? or do you think that such intervention is wrong - even though they are a natural product and the effects are temporary (as long as the tablets are taken). I wondered if after a couple of months of being chilled weather he may remain that way if she stops the tablets - knowing a peaceful life is a happier life.

She has already altered his diet (reduced energy) and increased his excercise to try to alleviate the problems - but the problems still exist.

Your thoughts please.... ?


  Il y a 61 mois
I don't have any experience of this. I would guess it probably wont work, but you could trying buying one pack, and if you don't notice a difference by the end of the pack then don't buy it again. I don't think there is anything wrong with it if it makes your dog less hgihly strung and therefore much happier and more contented.
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  Il y a 62 mois
i don't know anything about dogs but saw this was no. 50 and wanted to return the favour
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  Il y a 62 mois
I thought that was just the way Jack Russells were, kind of nervy, bitey, anxious little things! I don't think there's anything wrong with giving the dog medication as long as you are aware of any side effects that could occur and have weighed up the benefits against the risks, same as you would for a person.
Do they do doggy treadmills? That would be good. Get him on one of those and get him running! Jack Russells always do seem to have a heck of a lot of energy to burn. It would be great if you could hook that treadmill up to a generator and get free electricity!
Seriously. As long as they don't have any serious side effects and he calms down, I do not see the harm in it.
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  Il y a 62 mois
just sounds really hyper dog. its worth a try isnt it
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  Il y a 62 mois
is it does not come from a vet i would not use it
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  Il y a 63 mois
I dont know really, I suppose you could give them a try, if they re natural ingredients they couldnt really do any harm i suppose, I think Jack Russels are known for being a bit hyperactive, I was thinking of getting one for my little boy but I m not sure I could cope.
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  Il y a 63 mois
I'm not sure if these things really work. We tried Ginger remedies for travel sickness but our dog just threw them up! Some things are good supposedly like the camomile but im really not convinced
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  Il y a 63 mois
I've never tried or heard of anything like this and I'm a firm believer in not judging on what I don't know about!! I can't see anything wrong if it's meant to help and it's herbal. We take them as humans. I'd be interested to know what you decided on.
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  Il y a 63 mois
I have a stressed out dog, or I should say bitch. She is always hyper and has fits. Her fits I think were down to an accident she had as a puppy. She hurt her neck and was in extreme pain for ages. Then somebody trapped her in a corner. Consequently she has always been nervous. I feed her Autarky complete food, which contains some natural herbs. I don't know if they really help her, but she only has about three fits a year at the moment, unless she is over hot.
For a dog, the only way you will stop fights is to have him castrated. Or if you have sky TV watch a programme called the dog wisperer (cesar Milan) he is brilliant. I have two dogs as well and one of them is castrated and we have never had any three fight. YET!!!
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Happy Girl1

  Il y a 63 mois
My sister's Jack Russell is the same - Turns out he had an allergy, pure and simple. The vets fee was quite high but the results now are really amazing
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